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the pact 2 Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Character: Lara Croft
Status: In Production
Online: IMBD

the pact 2 The Pact II
Character: June Abbott
Status: Released 10/10/2014
Online: IMBD

Greys Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
Character: Dr. Jo Wilson
Status: Filming Season 11
Online: IMBD

Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Character: Lara Croft
Status: Released 5/3/13
Online: IMBD

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Recently, Camilla Luddington and Justin Chambers spoke with The Hollywood Reporter regarding their characters on Grey’s Anatomy, Jo Wilson and Alex Karev. Here’s what they had to say:



They’re so messy together, but every single couple on the show is and they have their issues … They work well together and I think they’re both really growing in their relationship. Even Jo being open and having this conversation where she’s like, ‘You know what? I am jealous and this sucks; I don’t feel like I’m No. 1.’ That’s tough for her to have. You can see Alex really growing up in their relationship, too, and stepping forward and being a supportive boyfriend. I think they do have what it takes.


He really likes her a lot … Maybe we’ll get to see them in more domesticated situations and the typical day-to-day relationship stuff. I think they compliment each other, I really do.

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We would like to wish the wonderful Camilla Luddington a very happy 31st birthday today! She will be opening the gifts that we sent to her as part of the birthday project tomorrow, so make sure you check out her twitter to see what she thought!

One thing we can sure with you right now, is the birthday video we made for her! Many thanks to all of the Luddingtonites who took part in this special video for Camilla’s birthday.

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If you managed to pick up this weeks issue of Us Weekly, you will be able to find a special recipe of Camilla’s that she likes to have at Christmas time, Banoffee Pie! Here’s what she had to say:

A lot of us grandkids didnt like the customary English Christmas pudding, so my grandma made this banoffee-toffee dish.

Thanks to Lauren (@CamillaLNews)

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Happy Cyber Monday!

If you didn’t know already, Steam is running a huge sale at the moment and currently they are selling Tomb Raider 2013 for just $3.99! So if you haven’t already played the game, this is a great time to try it out for a small price. The game is multiplatform and will run on either PC or Mac.

Check it out here

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The LA Times has released an interesting article about the use of social media in marketing for TV Shows – in particular the new hashtag #TGIT and the way TV stars will live tweet with fans during Shondland Thursdays – You can read the full article here but here’s the Camilla snippet we found within the article:

For Camilla Luddington, who plays Dr. Jo Wilson on “Grey’s Anatomy,” live-tweeting #TGIT has become a way to watch alongside fans. She’s amassed 216,000 followers since joining Twitter in 2011.

“The only time I won’t live-tweet the show is when I’m driving,” she said. “But for the most part I won’t make any plans on a Thursday night.”

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Xbox Live gold members may be happy to note that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be available to purchase this week for a discounted price with almost 50% off.

For Xbox 360 owners, you will be able to purchase the 2013 Tomb Raider game with up to 75% discounted! The deal won’t last forever, so if you have yet to play Camilla’s first Tomb Raider game, This week would be a great time to purchase it!

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Do you love Camilla’s portrayal of Dr. Jo Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy? You can do your part by voting for Grey’s Anatomy in the ‘favorite network TV drama’ category at the People’s Choice Awards 2015! If you’re also feeling cool, you can vote for Camilla’s co-stars Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) and Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) in the favorite tv drama actor/actress categories!


Make sure you share it on facebook and twitter so others will see your vote and hopefully vote as well!

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Great news! Camilla Luddington has confirmed her appearance at the Grey’s Anatomy Convention in Paris in June 2015. The convention will take place over the weekend June 20-21st at Hotel Novotel Est in Paris, France. You will have the opportunity to go to Q&A’s, meeting rooms, photoshoots and signing with her.

You can find more information here

We’ll be there, will you?!

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Camilla recently recorded an episode of the Adam Carolla show podcast, you can listen to the whole episode by clicking here

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A new photoshoot was recently released of Camilla for Felix magazine, I’ve added the photos to the gallery which you can see below. She also gave an interview which you can read here

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On Thursday October 2nd, Camilla made an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show to talk about Tomb Raider, Grey’s Anatomy and Will & Kate

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Here are the photos from the shoot Camilla did for Ocean Magazine which was released on October 15th.

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Camilla Luddinton will appear on Team Coco’s twitch channel, for Twitch Twednesday later today. Camilla will possibly reveal spoilers regarding her upcoming project Rise of the Tomb Raider. Team Coco has this to say about the event today:

Watch the “Grey’s Anatomy” star and voice of Lara Croft play “Tomb Raider” tomorrow on Team Coco’s Twitch channel. Psst: Camilla might even reveal spoilers about the upcoming “Tomb Raider” sequel.

The stream will go out at 12pmPT/3pmET and 8pm GMT. The twitch channel is viewable here. Be sure to keep coming back for all the latest news regarding Rise of the Tomb Raider and Camilla Luddington.


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The digital version for Octobers issue of Ocean Magazine featuring Camilla Luddington as cover model has been released online. You can view Camilla’s beautiful 13 page spread, here, with photography by Troy Jensen as well as her interview with the magazine. The issue will release physically on 15th October. Be sure to check back soon for more pictures to be uploaded to our gallery.

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Camilla Conan

Camilla Luddington dropped by at Conan last night. She spoke about her ‘audition from hell’ as well as her role in William and Kate, amongst other things. You can watch clips from the interview below and we will post the full interview when it is made available. Be sure to check back soon to see more pics of Camilla at the interview.

Audition from Hell

William and Kate

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Camilla Top Chef

Camilla Luddington and the cast of Grey’s anatomy dropped by at Bravo to participate in their programme, Top Chef Duels. You can watch Camilla talk with the rest of the international cast talk about American accents here. Be sure to check back soon to see more pictures of Camilla on Top Chef Duels.

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Ocean Magazine

The cover for October’s issue of Ocean Magazine, featuring Camilla Luddington has been revealed. Photographed by Troy Jensen the issue will feature a 12 page photo spread featuring 24 looks, which took two days to shoot. The issue will release October 15th, available at news stands across America. Stay tuned for high quality uploads of the photo shoot to be added to our gallery in the coming weeks.

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For anybody interested, Camilla will appear this week on Top Chef Duels on Wednesday 1st October on Bravo at 10/9c – don’t miss it!

Of course Grey’s Anatomy is now back on US and Canadian TV Screens on Thursday nights at 8pm EST! Screencaps from the 1st episode and following episodes will be uploaded soon.

For UK viewers, Grey’s Anatomy season 11 is set to air on October 22nd on Sky Living on Wednesdays at its usual timeslot.

Last but not least, the site will enter mini hiatus mode while I am away in LA on vacation. David will still be around to update about Tomb Raider and Camilla appearances. Things should go back to normal when I return on 13th October.

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